About Us

Hello and welcome to the website of GLACE Community Church!

My name is Leland Stephens and I am the planting pastor. My family and I moved to Vicenza in September, 2017 with the vision of planting an Evangelical, Non-denomonational style, International English speaking church. While it's a mouthful to say, it's an even bigger passion that God has planted in our hearts! Our hope is that GLACE Community Church is a place where you can find life-transforming truth and life-giving community to ease the burden's of living in this broken and often pain filled world.  

As you're looking around the website, there are a couple of places I would like to highlight...

1. Theological Foundations: John 17 is most often called Jesus' "High Priestly Prayer" and in this section of John's Gospel we find Jesus praying for us (vv. 20-21)! More specifically, He is praying for us to be United as a Community! From this prayer comes a foundational principle of GLACE...

-  Our goal is not perfect theology, but functional unity as we serve God and become transformed into Christ’s image. The Bible reminds us often to work and grow together as we wrestle to live out our faith in a world filled with opportunities to compromise.  

Please go to this section and learn more about the "Historical Essentials" that form the theological foundations of GLACE. 

2. CORE Values: As we survey the Bible, there are four "concentrations" Scripture calls the church to faithfully live out: 

- Community: Unity, Diversity, Fellowship, and Corporate Worship

- Outreach: Evangelism and Service

Replication: Making Disciples (not converts) and Church Planting

Education: Gospel Proclamation (preaching) and Teaching Truth 

Please go to this section to learn exactly what we mean by each of these "biblical" words.